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Hair Styling School and Makeup Academy Providing Beautician Courses

We offer a wide variety of courses from basic hair styling course, beautician courses  to advanced color techniques, best makeup artist professional course and everything in between! Our classes are taught by experienced professionals who know what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry, so whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new challenge we’ve got something for you! 

At Boom Barber School – Makeup Academy we understand that not everyone can afford top-quality education without investing significant amounts of money into it; this is why we offer payment plans on makeup artist course fees based on how much you can afford per month – no matter how little or how much that amount may be. We want everyone to have access to quality education no matter what their budget looks like so let us know how much you’re able to spend and we’ll find a solution that works for both of us!

So what are you waiting for? Start your professional hair stylist/ beautician career with us!!




Take courses and pass it out with dedication. If your learning goal is to gain professional baber, certified by our boom barber school.

Experienced staff

We have experienced staff who are working in saloon industry since form 15 to 20 years they are expert in these saloon industry.

Certified Teachers

Teachers who are going teach our students are certified teachers in the teaching field as well as in the saloon industry field.

boom barber school makeup academy

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Get ready to be a part of the glitz and glamour of fashion and beauty! Start your career as a skilled professional in the fashion and beauty industry.

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We provide valid certificate which makes you as a certified professional Hair stylist and Beautician  

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Each and every student who are studied in our boom barber school will get placed after completion of their course

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Our team and staff consists of skilled individuals who have expertise in the field of beauty industry and hairdressing. They have more than 15 to 20 years of experience and are able to provide quality education which enables students to excel quickly.
We also maintain highly qualified teachers that are well-equipped at developing skills for students, enabling them to succeed. Our establishment has been appreciated for its hard work by winning many awards from across India.
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successfull people are not gifted
they just work hard then succeed on purpose

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Boom barber’s Hair Styling/Dressing Course is structured in a way that it covers all aspects of 

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Boom barber’s Hair Styling/Dressing Course is structured in a way that it covers all aspects of 

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Boom barber’s Hair Styling/Dressing Course is structured in a way that it covers all aspects of